After Ville Marie was founded, several other places were established on the Island of Montréal in connection with the fur trade or agriculture. Today, these places are all part of the City of Montréal: Pointe-Saint-Charles was founded in 1654; in 1665, the Argoulets arrived in Verdun; in 1667, Lachine was founded and included, at that time, LaSalle. All located along the St. Lawrence River, these places share a common history and are connected by their proximity, the river, agriculture and industrialization. The mobile application presents the milestones in this history and in the lives of the people who shaped it.

Over sixty main points of interest are geolocated across the 17-km route spanning from Maison Saint-Gabriel to the Fort Rolland site near Maison des Brasseurs (Lachine Museum) in Lachine. Two other museums and historic sites are also included in this route: Maison Nivard-de Saint-Dizier, Museum and Archeological Site, and the Fleming Mill.

More than 300 old photos accompany the information provided about each of these primary and secondary points of interest.


This route is divided into four sectors by borough and targets people who wish to explore these places either on foot or by bike. These sectors are identified on a georeferenced map. Therefore, people can explore their immediate surroundings at any time, in keeping with their geolocation.


There are different ways of exploring this route: a more informative approach that includes old photographs, and two more leisurely approaches with a soundwalk based on the lives of the people who lived in these places and quizzes geared towards families and inquisitive individuals.

  1. Students during recess, October 8, 1946. Photographer: Conrad Poirier (1912-1968) © Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (P48 S1 P14116).
  2. Richelieu ferry between Verdun and La Prairie, at the foot of rue Riverview. Photo: circa 1910 © Verdun Borough archives.
  3. Men destroying coffer dam crib, Victoria Bridge, Montreal, QC, 1859. William Notman (1826-1891) VIEW-7023.0 © McCord Museum.
  4. Canadians going off to war on snowshoes, Claude-Charles Bacqueville de La Potherie, 1722. © Library and Archives Canada. C-001854.
  5. Wellington Street, Pointe St. Charles, Montreal, QC, about 1910. Post card, 1906-1914 © McCord Museum MP-0000.879.3.
  6. Mayor Chatelle pictured with the firefighters. © Borough of LaSalle.
  7. A group of women working at the Verdun munitions factory, circa 1943. © Defence Industries Limited © Verdun Borough archives.
  8. In the heat of action. © Borough of LaSalle.
  9. Dawes facilities on Saint-Joseph Boulevard, 1878. Lachine Museum archives, V2d-5_1,3.
  10. Maison Le Ber-Le Moyne, about 1671. Lachine Museum archives. Image from Désiré Girouard, Lake St. Louis Old and New, Illustrated and Cavelier de La Salle, Montréal: Poirier, Bessette & Co, 1893.
  11. Dawes Black Horse employees, about 1911. Lachine Museum archives, V2d-5_3,2.
  12. Swimming in the St. Lawrence River. Photo: Early 20th century © A. Robillard - Verdun Borough archives.
  13. Farmhouse and Fleming windmill, LaSalle, near Montreal, QC, about 1870. Alexander Henderson MP-0000.10.119 © McCord Museum.


This free application can be consulted anytime, winter or summer… along the river. It takes up little space on a telephone, iPhone or Android, and can be downloaded online

It is also possible to consult this application on a tablet at certain borough libraries.

Information Panels

Information panels along the river notify passers-by of the existence of the application and of the possibility of downloading it. There is a total of twelve panels between the Sud-Ouest and Lachine boroughs.

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