The monastery of the Oblate Fathers
Monastery of the Oblate Fathers

In 1866, the Oblate Fathers of Mary Immaculate purchased Saints-Anges de Lachine church. For three years, the church, the sacristy and the presbytery were used as a novitiate for the religious community. 


A new building was constructed behind the former church in 1869 and welcomed nearly 3,000 novices up until 1942. After that date, the building became a spiritual retreat, until 1967.

Due to the prohibitive maintenance costs, the Oblate community sold the entire property. Three years later, a developer tore down the monastery to build duplexes within a new housing complex, despite the fact that the monastery represented an undeniable heritage interest. Residents recall the Oblate Fathers' orchards, where some children used to come and take a few apples from right under the venerable Oblate Fathers' noses...