Departure of hunters on the fief of Verdun on October 29, 1870
Hunting With Hounds on the Fief of Verdun

Hunting with hounds is a type of hunting on horseback that involves tracking down an animal with the help of a pack of dogs. No weapons must be used and there must be no direct interventions on the part of hunters. They must solely direct the dogs by means of a hunting horn. Hunting with hounds was brought to Montréal by the English bourgeoisie around the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th century. 


To practise this sport, vast lands are needed as well as sufficient funds to maintain the horses and dogs. The fief of Verdun was therefore an ideal place for this type of leisure pastime. John Crawford and his friends at the Montreal Hunting Club hunted mainly hare and foxes there. Hunting with hounds took place in other locations in Montréal as well, including on chemin Mile End.