A unique historic site in Montréal

In 1693, a farm destroyed part of Maison Saint-Gabriel. It was re-built by the same mason, Pierre Couturier, in 1698. It has travelled down through more than three centuries, as a result of constant maintenance and care. In 2018, we will commemorate the 350th anniversary of the purchase of the farmhouse.

The extension on the west side and the stone barn were added in the 19th century. These additions were followed by a residence for the nuns, in 1964, which is now the Catherine-Crolo pavilion. The stone house was declared a historic monument in 1965. It opened its doors as a museum in 1966.

In 1992, Québec's Ministère de la Culture et des Communications officially declared the site a historic site, making it a privileged and unique location for raising awareness about Québec's history and heritage, starting from the time of the French regime. Since 2007, Maison Saint-Gabriel has also been recognized as a National Historic Site of Canada.