Brunning residence on 13 Strathyre
Brunning residence

Built between 1905 and 1911, the house on 13 avenue Strathyre was home to William Henry Brunning in the Highlands district of LaSalle. Brunning signed a 3-year lease with the City of LaSalle on November 1, 1913. This lease, drawn up by notary John Fair, specified that the City could retain an option to purchase the house for the price of $4250. The following year, the City of LaSalle took advantage of this option and owner John Fair sold the house at the set price, quite a high amount in those days. 



The ground floor of City Hall was occupied first by City Council and the upper floor was used to lodge the Police and Fire Chief.

Many modifications

To better respond to residents' requests, City Hall was modified over the years. In 1934, facilities were set up for the municipal court. Then in 1941, work carried out according to the plans of architect Napoléon Beauchamp mainly involved reconfiguring the ground floor and setting up a hall for public meetings. In 1952, architect Napoléon Beauchamp designed the annex erected behind the building. In 1963, the horizontal massing of the building was increased, and then, ten years later, the Bisson Hébert et Martineau firm of architects supervised the expansion of an annex in back of the building. In 1975, the same firm looked after renovating the interior. In 1983, the municipal administration moved to 55 avenue Dupras, following the City's purchase of the building owned by Burroughs Wellcome, a pharmaceutical company that moved into a new plant in Kirkland, on the West Island.

A heritage value

Classified as a historic monument by the City of LaSalle while Mayor Michel Leduc was in power, the City Hall at 13 avenue Strathyre was identified as a building of outstanding heritage value in Montréal's Master Plan and as being located in a district of outstanding heritage value as well. The nearness to the St. Lawrence River, to Boulevard LaSalle—the former Chemin du Roi or Chemin du Bas-Lachine—and Fleming Mill gave it increased value. 

From 1989 to 2010, Les Pionniers du Téléphone occupied the ground floor and from 1993 to 2013, the Société historique Cavelier de LaSalle was located on the upper floor.