Hommage aux forces vitales du Québec, sculpture by George Dyens
Tribute to Québec's driving forces

On Place René-Lévesque, in front of the Lachine Rapids, visitors can admire the work of art created by Georges Dyens and entitled Hommage aux forces vitales du Québec (Tribute to Québec's driving forces). A mainly symbolic work of art, it evokes the explosion of a cube, which bursts open due to a central column billowing waves of vital energy represented by a laser hologram. In their various paths, the fragments have left traces on the ground—traces that lead to all the regions in Québec. 


The work of art is intended as a reappropriation of the site formerly distinguished by Ogilvie Manor and the former golf course. In 1987, at the time of the 75th anniversary of the City of LaSalle, LaSalle residents Carmen and Jean-Paul Morin, Lise and Henri Loiselle, the Québec government's Ministère des Affaires culturelles, Lavalin and the City of LaSalle sponsored the creation of the work of art, giving that site a new purpose.