The Auditorium—A Place for Soldiers

  Assembly of soldiers during a tribute to George BeurlingPhoto: November 10, 1942© Royal Canadian Air Force Verdun Borough archives  Two weeks after war was declared in Canada in September 1939, the military authorities informed Verdun's Council that they wanted to use the Auditorium as military barracks. In 1941, the Mayor of Verdun agreed to make the Auditorium available to the Department of National Defence for the duration of the war. A number of military units were therefore located here, including the 3rd Division of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, the 16th Field Company and the Royal Canadian Engineers. Less than one year later, 300 aviators from the Royal Canadian Air Force came to train in Verdun. The military left the Auditorium at the end of 1946, making it possible for local sports teams to return to this arena.