The History of Hockey in Québec

 There is still a lot of controversy around the origins of hockey. Several countries claim to be the one that first introduced this sport; however, a number of historians agree that the first "real" hockey game was played in Montréal. On the evening of March 3, 1875, at the Victoria skating rink in Montréal, two teams of nine players faced off for the first time in public. This game was the first codified hockey game in the history of the sport. 

Hockey rapidly became popular among Quebecers and Canadians in general. And quickly, too, a system of clubs and tournaments developed and a number of teams were formed in Canada and the United States.

In Montréal, two teams were created: the Montreal Canadiens in 1909 and the Montreal Maroons in 1924. The two teams went on to win several Stanley Cups. The Montreal Canadiens are still an active club; however, the Montreal Maroons disappeared in 1938, due to the Great Depression that hit the small sports franchises really hard.