Factory houses on Sebastopol Street
Houses built between 1853 and 1879

Nearly all these houses are still standing, Despite the replacement of various elements and the painting of many of the façades, most of them have retained their original simplicity.

You can see examples at the following addresses:

422-444 Sébastopol Street
22-28 Liverpool Street
465-455 De la Congrégation Street




These homes testify to the evolution of Montreal's working classe housing over more than a century. Their main characteristics are:

  • Two-storey row houses, often built in series;
  • In most cases, built without set-back from the sidewalk;
  • Wood structure, solid wood outer walls, brick dividing walls;
  • Plain façades clad with local red brick;
  • Roofs double pitched or pitched to the rear with carved wood cornices;
  • Latrines or outhouses installed in back-yards.