Tinkling cones
What were these objects used for?

Look closely at these objects. What do you think they were used for?

A. To ornament hair and clothing.

B. To clean tobacco pipes.

C. To tip sticks used to prod and herd livestock.

For the answer ...

Answer: A

These objects called tinkling cones were worn as ornaments by First Nations peoples. Attached close together on clothing, pouches and hair, they made tinkling sounds as the wearer moved. They were often cut from European copper pots used in bartering and sometimes hammered or incised for decoration.

Tinkling cones (2)
Copper alloy, 17th century
Archaeological collection, Le Ber-Le Moyne heritage site
Lachine Borough, listed in 2001
Musée de Lachine collection, AR-2000-103, AR-2000-104
Restored by Centre de conservation du Québec
Photo: Richard-Max Tremblay
Currently on display in the permanent exhibition at Maison Le Ber-Le Moyne