Crossing Charges

 In 1879, Henri Pigeon's ferry operations permit was subject to certain conditions concerning ferry crossing charges. For a one-way trip in a car, he could not charge more than 40 cents; for a round trip, no more than 60 cents, and for a person on foot, no more than 15 cents. A return trip cost 25 cents.  


Children under 12 years old paid only half-fare and a person on a horse had to pay 25 cents for a one-way trip and 40 cents for a round trip. The transportation charges for a horned animal or an adult bovid (sheep, goat, ox, etc.) were set at 20 cents per crossing, and for a lamb, calf or pig, 10 cents. In 1880, the revenues from this permit were shared between the municipalities of Verdun and La Prairie.