Beer bottle, between 1909 and 1952
What colour was Dawes Brewery’s famous Black Horse beer?

A. Black

B. Blonde

C. Amber

For the answer ...

Answer: B

Despite its name, Dawes Brewery’s star product was a blonde ale.

When the brewery was founded, it produced just two beers: Lachine Ale and Lachine Porter. Over time, it added other sorts of beer. The most popular was Black Horse, the company’s flagship brew, which was a bestseller from the late 1800s until 1952. The black horse that served as the brand logo appeared on everything from bottle labels to ads to promotional items, posters and billboards.  

 Beer bottle, between 1909 and 1952
Clear dark green glass, paper
23.8 cm h x 6.5 cm d
Gift of Michel and Jacqueline Ste Marie
Musée de Lachine collection, RG-1999-143
Photo: Richard-Max Tremblay