Sister of Sainte Anne surrounded by her students in 1909
Who founded the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Anne?

A. Marguerite d’Youville

B. Émilie Gamelin

C. Esther Blondin

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Answer: C

In 1850, Esther Blondin founded the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Anne at Vaudreuil. The aim of the congregation was to educate poor country children, both girls and boys. In 1864, at the urging of Father Nazaire Piché, the nuns moved to Lachine, where they had founded the Villa Anna boarding school (now Collège Sainte-Anne) three years earlier.

With the arrival of the nuns and the ever-growing number of boarding students, a chapel that could accommodate them all had to be built. In 1895, Saint Anne’s feast day, July 26, was chosen for the official opening of the sanctuary dedicated to her. Today, the chapel is no longer a place of worship. It has become a large library for Collège Sainte-Anne.

To see the inside of the chapel before it was converted to a library: