Pot shard  (First Nation, St. Lawrence Iroquoian)
A few objects from the collection

The collection includes more than 6,000 items, of which 400 are on display at Maison Le Ber-Le Moyne.

The archaeological research conducted since 1998 on the Maison Le Ber-Le Moyne site (part of Musée de Lachine) has served to document how the site was occupied and used over time. For example, this pot shard, which was buried for nearly 1,500 years, testifies to the presence of First Nations people well before the arrival of Europeans and the establishment of New France. 






Pot shard

Earthenware, Late Woodland

First Nation, St. Lawrence Iroquoian

Archaeological collection, Le Ber-Le Moyne heritage site, Lachine Borough, listed in 2001, Musée de Lachine collection, AR-2009-475